Some Commonly Asked Questions About Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine

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Is Anti-Aging Medicine covered by OHIP?

No, Alternative and Complementary Medicine is not covered by OHIP.

How fast can I expect my symptoms to go away?

That is hard since everyone is different and some people are sicker than others.  Often some symptoms can be reduced in days, while major issues can take years to resolve.

Do you fill prescriptions?

No, Most of the compounds used are custom made by a compounding pharmacy.  It’s your choice as to where you want any script sent.

Are Bio-Identical Hormones safe to use?

“NO”,(the lawyers made us say that) the truth is that no double blind randomized studies have been done because big pharma can not patent it.  That being said all drugs used to be compounded in a pharmacy before modernized factories. 

Can you prescribe HGH?

Yes and No, HGH is available but requires extensive screening and justification to satisfy government regulations around it’s use.

Do you have I.V. therapies?

Yes, I.V. therapies are becoming very popular as they bypass the usual route and get the supplementation directly into the blood stream. 

What's the difference between Functional Medicine & regular Docs?

In short, just about everything. Where regular allopathic medicine treats the symptom, Anti-Aging/Functional medicine gets to the root cause and works on fixing that! 

How do I stop sugar cravings

Make sure you are eating well balanced meals frequently throughout the day. This will help balance your blood sugars which will keep the cravings away.

Will I loose weight by taking BHRT?

While hormone imbalances can cause weight gain, BHRT in its self will not make you loose weight.  But weight loss can be achieved as we include nutritional conseling as part of each visit.

How do I lose weight?

Ensure you are getting enough protein throughout the day. Your protein needs will depend on your metabolic rate which is unique for everyone. Protein is a highly thermogenic food meaning that it will burn more energy compared to other foods. It will also keep you full longer which will help control your portion sizes at meal times.