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SEX, LIES and Aging

Does our sex life really suck because of our age? Well it seems that this “age” old lie is actually that our Hormones are the cause of sexual dysfunction not age. For men, erectile dysfunction (ED) is likely caused by low testosterone (Low T) and that an increase in total testosterone and bioavailable testosterone levels decreased ED among men with luteinizing hormone levels greater than 6 IU/l.[1] Similarly, Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) is becoming a clear factor in ED. There has been a clear relationship between ED and Low T and evidence shows there are noticeable differences in total testosterone (TT) and free testosterone (FT) levels in patients with and without MetS.[2] It is clear that increased visceral adipose and MetS are particularly related with reduction in testosterone[3].  To combat ED it would appear the simple solution would be to use that fancy little blue pill. But correcting the underlying problem and avoiding synthetic drugs is a longer lasting, better satisfying method. Finding a Functional Medicine Doctor is the right step in correcting Low T.

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