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Can Exercise increase Low T (testosterone)

Men with Low T can temporary increase their testosterone thru exercise. But is it enough? Experts say that exercise only temporary increase testosterone. Testosterone increase may be as low as 15 minutes and up to one hour.1 Men with Low T will likely require other forms of replacement since exercise alone won’t make enough of a difference.2

Some forms of exercise have a bigger benefit than others. Strength training regiment that works out your full body will affect testosterone more than single exercises. Similarly, using heavy short repetition sets with shorter rest periods between sets will provide the best results.3  BUT overdoing workouts may actually be detrimental to the process. Overtraining sometimes cause a drop in testosterone. This is a sign that you are actually doing more harm than good. The stress hormone cortisol is often increased in these cases and consumes other hormones to satisfy its needs. So workout carefully and choose a qualified Bio-Signature coach like Dr. Wizz to guide you thru the process because it’s not as simple as working out!


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